Best Cordless Drill 2018 & Buying Guide

A cordless drill is a DIYer’s best friend. It’s useful for a wide variety of jobs and you should always have at least one handy. However, because they are so popular, there are a lot of cordless drills floating around out there, which is why this article will tell you what the best ones are.

To get straight to the point, in our opinion, the best cordless drill 2018 is the Bosch 18V DDB181-02. Nothing else on the market can really beat it in terms of pure convenience, ease of use, and straight drilling power.


A Spotlight On Some of The Best Cordless Drill in The Market

Bosch 18 Volt DDB181-02
Voltage: 18 volts
Battery Type: Lithium Ion
Item Weight: 10 pounds
Item Dimensions: 14 x 3.5 x 11 in
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Black + Decker LDX120C
Voltage: 20 volts
Battery Type: Lithium Ion
Item Weight: 3.4 pounds
Item Dimensions: 10.6 x 3.7 x 8.5 in
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Hitachi KC10DFL2
Voltage: 12 volts
Battery Type: Lithium Ion
Item Weight: 3 pounds
Item Dimensions: 12.7 x 9.7 x 5.7 in
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Dewalt DCK277C2
Voltage: 20 volts
Battery Type: Lithium Ion
Item Weight: 8.9 pounds
Item Dimensions: 15.5 x 6.5 x 9 in
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Porter-Cable PCCK619L2
Voltage: 20 volts
Battery Type: Lithium Ion
Item Weight: 7.45 pounds
Item Dimensions: 13.8 x 3.8 x 11.4 in
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Bosch 18 Volt DDB181-02

With a carry contractor bag, 2 lithium ion batteries, and an 18V charger, the Bosch DDB181-02 drill is just one of a multitude of helpful items included in this set. Of course the centerpiece is the device itself, and Bosch’s name and track record of positive feedback continues in this iteration.

Whether it is a heavy duty task or one that needs to be accomplished quickly, a 2 speed transmission is fully armed to hurdle any obstacle in its way. The Bosch DDB181-02 puts a spotlight on impeccable drilling and beneficial torque. In fact, optimized torque of 350 pounds establishes the efficiency for power drilling 1300 RPM.

The travel bag isn’t the only bit of convenience, with an LED light illuminating dim spots so no aspect of the project is glossed over. Perhaps more favorable, weighing just 3 pounds makes it incredibly simple to put into cramped areas without the quality of work declining. It is also advantageous for both sexes to utilize, even those with small hands that find bigger drills cumbersome.

The Bosch 18 Volt DDB181-02 can face stubborn impact drilling with immeasurable confidence while essentially circumventing fatigue. It is a 1/2 inch drill and driver kit that is construction-ready and created to make building and repairs a pleasurable and worthwhile endeavor.


– Free battery replacement for 2 years
– 80 percent more power than past generation 6.0 AH batteries
– Universally compatible with all Bosch chargers and 18V cordless tools
– 400 RPM and 1,300 RPM equates well to jobs like electricians and contractors
– Weight ideal for ceiling fixtures and awkward tasks


– The two batteries have no fuel gauge


Black + Decker LDX120C

Packing a mean punch with an affordable price, the Black + Decker LDX120C may be the best cordless drill under 100 dollars due to its versatility and professional performance.

The LDX120C is sleek and efficient with its compact size aiding in reaching tight spots that need drilling. It is lightweight and easily transportable in a tool box or hanging on the belt.

This model is particularly adept at drilling into plastic and wood with ease, but can handle most additional tasks effortlessly.

The lithium ion technology it utilizes is a marvel, allowing the cordless drill to maintain longer battery life reliably at 20V without slowing down on the job. The LED worklight establishes that it is always ready to battle the next task at the drop of a hat.

Countersinking is a breeze with the LDX120C, sliding into variable speeds seamlessly while avoiding damage to the surface being drilled. The clutch has 11 positions to execute a fluent drilling process through any material you run into, including metal. It also actively prevents stripped screws.

Overall it is a concise, simple set that promotes error-free productivity without compromising the job at hand. Additionally, its compact nature makes it a solid addition to incorporate with other tool sets without taking up too much space.


– Experiences less fatigue than competing drills
– Battery powered to promote longevity of charge
– Lightweight and frustration-free out of the package
– Do It Yourself drill with minimal learning curve
– Ideal for working on a budget


– Can overheat with excessive use


Hitachi KC10DFL2

The Hitachi KC10DFL2 is the best 12V cordless drill because of its competence in handling a wide array of projects, while having a helpful combo kit accompany it. It sports a dark green base of durable plastic, that is covered with a black rubber mold to make hand slippage nonexistent. There is a slot where a belt clip can be installed on either side of the drill, so it is applicable whether you are right or left handed.

The WH10DFL2 Lithium Impact Driver comes with the set and stamps its usefulness through 955 in/lbs of torque, and a ceiling of 2,700 RPM. Exceedingly difficult screws and bolts are overcome with 3,200 IPM. The keyless chuck is 3/8″ and the 21+1 clutch with 21 settings of torque carefully carries out challenging tasks meticulously. A variable speed trigger makes fluctuating the amount of force easy to get the hang of.

Two included 12V batteries are lithium ion and provide a consistent source of energy that can be fully recharged in less than an hour. They are installed on the bottom by snapping in, and when stationary allows the cordless drill to stand upright on its own.

An LED on the base brightens work spaces by applying a slight pull of the trigger, and it can shine without having the drill head rotating. A flashlight that can be adjusted into 5 positions, a quick charger ready in just 40 minutes, and a 7 piece set of bits make the combo kit prepared to face any project.

Just barely over 2 pounds, the drill is light and compact and is battle-tested in exceptionally small spaces to maneuver. It is particularly adept at working on hanging doors or cabinetry, and can drill into delicate pieces without causing mess or uneven markings.


– Has 2 year battery warranty and Hitachi’s lifetime tool warranty
– Performs flawlessly on electrical work and fine finish applications
– Can operate 1 inch spade bits on low setting
– Weather resistant carry bag
– Flashlight has 180 degrees of pivot rotation capability


– The chuck base is plastic on the outside and metal on the inside, instead of full metal


Dewalt DCK277C2 20V

The Dewalt DCK277C2 is one of the most complete packs available to renovators of any age because it includes two devices that are equally effective in conquering stubborn, difficult to drill materials. The brushless motors are worth recognizing because they run over 50 percent longer than brushed iterations. In fact, in the bulk of the feedback on the DCK277C2, it is this positive component that is most frequently mentioned.

The DCF787 1/4″ impact driver is black and gold with strategically placed metal. From front to back it is 7.52 inches, taking up little real estate in your tool kit. The shell is durability-tested and can be dropped or mishandled several times before any wear is noticeable, if at all.

The compact brushless DCD777 driver/drill is even smaller, at roughly 5.4 inches wide. At 2 pounds, it can fit into cramped spaces and perform without losing any of its 20V power. Both devices have ergonomic handles to give you proper balance with their effective grips. It accepts 1 inch bit tips and utilizes one handed loading.

A nice feature is the delay of 20 seconds for the trigger release so LED light is always present when you need it. Confined regions or awkwardly shaped structures are just another simple task for this combo kit, as it is effortless to leverage each device. The 2 lithium ion batteries are compact and promote prolonged run time. The brushless drill/driver, brushless impact driver, charger, and additional battery can all be transported with the appropriately sized kit bag, that is resilient to harsh environments.

The Dewalt DCK277C2 is the best cordless drill for home use because it delivers two pieces of equipment that can sustain amazing power and ingenuity both indoors and outdoors. Cabinets, furniture, and building structures from scratch are accomplished just as accurately as things like decks, fences and walls.


– Brushless technology actively improves battery life
– Limited warranty of 3 years
– With care, will not need replacement for years, if ever
– Makes quick work of shelves and doors


– Chuck can lock for inexperienced users


Porter-Cable PCCK619L2 20V 2-Tool Brushless Combo Kit

The Porter-Cable Combo Kit is the best cordless drill set you can get your hands on if you want your tasks completed with proficiency and authority. Its multi-colored appearance is unmistakable, however it is its competence in finishing arduous projects where it really stands out.

Brushless motors are known for their impact on longer battery life, and the Porter-Cable PCCK619L2 Combo Kit exemplifies this notion based on the tremendous amount of output they can deliver before requiring a charge. The battery cell type is lithium ion, and 1.5aH sources are included in the set.

The 1/2″ PCCK607 drill/driver grants a nice, controlled spin evenly through its 2 speed transmission that utilizes 450/1 and 800RPM. There are 1,400 lbs or torque present with the PCCK647 model, which the 1/4″ impact driver uses to its advantage.

Max RPMs can reach 2,700, providing innumerable capabilities with its speed. You will not lose your clutch setting with mode collar, as it allows you to alternate between drilling and fastening. Additionally, bit changes are an afterthought with one-handed loading.

The 3 color tone of the Porter-Cables stylize the extremely firm plastic that the shell is created with. The battery is located on the bottom of the drill giving it the ability to be free-standing during breaks when it is not in use. Both pieces contain a belt clip that can attach to your waist comfortably.

A big reason why the PCCK619L2 is the best cordless drill set is because it is cheaper than other brands that integrate the brushless component. Brushless motors are estimated to have 10,000 hours of use over the course of their life. For Porter-Cable to blend this technology with their intelligently crafted machinery, it delivers generous value, relative to cost.


– Twice the battery life and more torque
– Half the price of competing brushless motor cordless drills
– Large fastening applications smoothly handled with 1,400 in. lbs of torque
– User fatigue reduced by each device’s lightweight and natural grip design
– Heavy-duty applications taken care of with 370 UWO of power


– Only box packaged with no carry case for the kit


Cordless Drill Buying Guide

best cordless drill

Like the introduction said, there are a lot of cordless drills on the market, and they all come in different shapes and sizes. So, how is an amateur to know what to look for when buying a cordless drill? Well, in this section you will see a cordless drill buying guide.

This guide will help guide you by pointing out what features and other things to look for when shopping for a cordless drill. So, if you want to go shopping for your own cordless drill, instead of buying one from the best cordless drill 2018 list, then you will be prepared.

Know What Kind of Drill That You Need

The first thing any prospective buyer needs to consider is exactly what kind of cordless drill that they need. There are a bunch of different kinds of cordless drills, and you can categorize them in different ways. But, for the purpose of this buying guide, let’s divide cordless drills into three different categories.

General Use Drills

These are your standard workhorse drills. They often operate on higher volt batteries, like 16V or 18V batteries. These kinds of drills tend to be very versatile, they can do a wide variety of jobs and can fit a wide variety of drill bits, making them suited for all kinds of DIY projects.

Generally, everyone should have one of these kinds of drills in their garage or tool shed. Even if you aren’t a dedicated DIYer, they are extremely helpful to keep around because of their wide range of use. A few of the cordless drills on the best cordless drill 2018 list fall under this category. For example, the Bosch 18V DDB181-02 is a prime example of a general use drill.

Light Use Drills

As the name suggests, these are the kind of cordless drills that you use when you have a very light job or project that require a bit of drilling. If you are building something, then you wouldn’t use a light use drill. But, say you were doing something simple, like quickly working with drywall or a thin piece of wood and you noticed that you needed to use a drill. That is when you would break out the light use drill.

They tend to be less expensive and less bulky than other kinds of cordless drills. They also tend to have lower power outputs because most only use 10V or 12V batteries. But, just because they aren’t that powerful, don’t assume that light use drills can’t be high-quality. In fact, one of the best cordless drills 2018, the Hitachi KC10DFL2 is a 12V light use drill.

Heavy Use Drills

Based on the previous two kinds of drills, you can probably guess where this is going. These kinds of drills are the heavy-duty drills that you break out when you need to do a lot of drilling or when you need a lot of power to drill through tough material, like concrete or tile. Although they come in a wide variety of different voltages, you should aim to get a cordless drill that has at least a 24V battery.

Look for Higher Chuck Sizes

Chuck size is very important when it comes to cordless drills. You generally want a higher chuck size for two reasons. Firstly, higher chuck sizes can accommodate a greater variety of drill bits, which gives you more versatility when it comes to your drill.

Secondly, higher chuck sizes are generally a good indicator of a cordless drill’s overall power. So, if you can’t find a cordless drill’s voltage, look for its chuck size. It’s very rare to find a low voltage cordless drill with a high chuck size.

Look for Brushless Motors

Many cordless drills are advertised as having “brushless motors.” This is a very good feature and something that you should definitely keep an eye out for. Brushless motors are so great because not only are they more efficient than regular motors, they also tend to be a lot less noisy.

If you can’t find a cordless drill with a brushless motor, that’s not a huge deal. But, if your decision comes down to two drills, one with a brushless motor and one without, go for the one sporting the brushless motor, you won’t regret it.

Balancing battery life vs weight

A simple fact when it comes to cordless drills is that the bigger batteries tend to run for longer amounts of time before needing to be recharged. While that may sound good, bigger batteries are also a lot heavier and bigger, which can negatively impact your ability to use the drill in compact or tight areas.

So, when buying a cordless drill be aware of this fact and try your best to find a balance between high battery life and maneuverability. A good indicator is to look at “amp-hours,” which tells you how long a battery will last before dying.

With this buying guide, you can easily pick out your own personal best cordless drill 2018. Cordless drills are incredibly useful and important tools, a point that has been stressed a lot throughout this article, so it’s important that you pick out a good cordless drill that you are comfortable using.



You probably have your own thoughts as to what the best cordless drill 2018 is, and others would love to hear them. So, feel free to leave a comment telling us what you think about our list or cordless drills in general.